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How Much Sex Do You OWE Your Spouse?

How much does your spouse OWE you for lack of sex in your marriage? If you are French, the answer is 10,000 Euros. Under the French Civil Code, couples entering into marriage agree to “shared communal life” and the judge presiding over a recent case agreed with the petitioner that this included sexual intimacy. The […]

Making pre-marital “appearance deals”…

According to this article there is a new trend in “wedding contracts”…an appearance clause. Joan Chang, a 27-year-old associate producer at CBC Radio who has been married for four years, has an appearance deal with her spouse. “He will not grow facial hair. And I will not cut my hair really short. Or wear a […]

Being a “Modern Human Being”??

I don’t normally venture into politics as a topic.  But I recently read an article in response to the the Anthony Weiner “sexting” scandal, and it made me pause. According to Alec Baldwin, Rep. Anthony Weiner is, well, representing the modern human being. He calls him the “modern, high functioning man.” Is this what you […]

Keys to Better Sex Revealed

A new study analyses what makes a great sex life. Here are some of the highlights: Communication, self-esteem and understanding each other’s emotions make for great sex Men want to engage in activities which bring pleasure to women. When men are in tune with their partner’s emotions, women are more open to exploration. You can […]

Play time!

There is a story that is often told of Gregory Bateson, an anthropologist and the husband of the Margaret Mead. He was asked to come observe a group of otters that seemed depressed to their zookeepers. Otters, if you didn’t know, love to play. You can watch them for hours as they leap, swim, wrestle […]

(Pre)Marriage Quiz

British Rabbi Jonathan Romain has devised a quiz to help couples decide if they really should tie the knot so that couples who choose to marry, stay married. He would like to see the divorce rate drop from 1:2 to 1:16 marriages. Check out this article to see what the Rabbi believes are essential questions […]

The Quickie vs. Making Love Debate

This past weekend, I was speaking to a group of pastors and their spouses on The Essential Elements of Sex. As I began to talk about the concept of making love versus having a quickie, one woman called out, “Sometimes you just need a snack!” The room dissolved into laughter and even the most shy […]

Sex, Depression and the College of Surgeons

There has been a bit of a brouhaha in the scientific community recently because a very prominent doctor was asked to resign from the his leadership post at the American College of Surgeons after posting a Valentine’s Day column. What did he say that was so controversial? Women who have unprotected sex were less likely […]

Bikinis for 7 year olds!?!?

I am the mother of a six-year-old and despite the subject matter that I speak about, write about and research for my day job, we are extremely conservative at home. Just the other day, my daughter chastised me for using the “D” word. It’s probably not what you think…I had commented that something was “dumb”.  […]