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My New Day TV Segment: Communication

Sex is one of the most difficult topics to broach for most people in their relationships – but also one of the most important. In this segment with My New Day TV, we discuss different ways to get the conversation going.  

My New Day TV Segment: Shame

Shame has a nasty way of undermining sexual intimacy. In this segment – the first of a three-part series with My New Day TV – I talk about what shame is, how we can recognize it and how we can heal it so that we can experience true freedom.

Why I Couldn’t Get Undressed on My Wedding Night (Emily T. Wierenga)

I met Emily when I was co-hosting The Drew Marshall Show in July. She was speaking on the hang-ups that we, as women, have with our bodies, and I found her insight both powerful and freeing. Our conversation at dinner later that night only reinforced my impression that she is truly an amazing woman with […]

Tyler Knott Gregson: Word Alchemist

Today I want to do something a bit out of the ordinary for me. I want to highlight someone whose work I have grown to appreciate. I have had guest bloggers on this site before and will have them again (the delightful Emily T. Wierenga is sharing her story in November), but I don’t actually […]

What Makes You Loveable?

Believe it or not, I don’t actually talk about sex all the time with my clients. (I know that confessing this destroys the image of a sex coach to varying degrees with people.) Very often, we will delve into the depths of their relationships – why they make the choices they make, why they feel […]

What You Can Learn from a One-Night Stand

One of the reoccurring complaints that I hear in my coaching practice is that clients (men and women alike) are discontent with the sex they are having with their spouses. As I probe to find out why they are unhappy, I often discover the core problem is that they struggle to communicate their sexual needs […]

Kevin Breel’s TED Talk on Depression

I was chatting with a client about depression just this week and then stumbled across this amazing TED Talk. As Breel says, “we are so accepting of any body part breaking down except for our brains…and that is ignorance.” All of us have people in our lives who battle this disease, and this talk helps […]

Happy Camper Update (Pitbull Concert)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Eric bought me tickets to Pitbull just to make me happy. Last night we went to the concert. As we left the house Eric tweeted “Happy Camper Date is a go. #Ke$ha #Pitbull #facepalm” – showing exactly how much of a Happy Camper Date this was! I am […]