Hint #52

Bring some yoga into your love life.  Build to orgasm with the lotus position: he sits upright with his legs bent at the knees, but wide apart.  She sits on top of him with legs over his.  Now, move together in a rhythmic and slow fashion while concentrating on breathing in unison.

Hint #50

Send your lover over the moon with a humming good time.  Hum instead of lick while giving oral sex.  The added vibrations will send them into orbit!

Hint #49

Ever thought of flexing a little muscle in the bedroom?  Clench your buttocks and upper thigh muscles before making out.  It helps increase the blood flow to your pelvic area and sensitivity of your genitalia.

Hint #48

Breathing is one of the key factors to having a great orgasm.  The faster you breathe, the more excited you get.  The more excited you get, the bigger the orgasm.  Use breathing to control your pleasure journey.  Breathe through your nose to relax the body.  Then, as your excitement builds, switch to breathing through your mouth.  Increase and decrease the speed of each breath according to your level of arousal.

Hint #47

It’s easy to think that an orgasm is something that just happens.  However, it takes a little know how and practice to control your pleasure center.  Don’t be afraid to take control of your own pleasure.

Hint #46

If your relationship is a little lack-luster these days, work a little shine back into it with a toy.  Let a vibrator be a buzzing addition between your sheets.  Use it to massage, tickle, tease and delight.

Hint #45

The “feel good” effect of the sun can boost your mood and make your body more responsive to orgasm.  Try to expose yourself to sunlight for at least 15 minutes a day – or use full-spectrum bulbs in your lights if it’s overcast outside.

Hint #44

Prolong your pleasure using the “start and stop” technique.  Build your orgasm up almost to the point of no return and then stop.  Then start again, and stop…  How many times can you “start” and “stop” before you just can’t take it any more??

Hint #43

The “missionary position” is often rated “most preferred” by couples.  Use it as your basis.  Vary the position of your legs and arms, the angle of your bodies, and even the distance between them.  You’ll be surprised with how many variations can be had with this all-time favorite!

Hint #42

If you want to bring a little more “imagination” into the bedroom, why not read a little erotic literature?  Take turns reading hot and steamy passages out loud.