Hint #31

Perform a sexy strip tease for your partner and invite them to tip for special requests.  (And let them know that a good paying customer is always taken care of!)

Hint # 30

Slow and sensual can also win the race.  Indulge each other to a delightfully erotic session of touch using only the tips of your fingers.  Let your touch tell them how much you are buring with desire.  Let your fingers do the walking for a change and bring each other to a highly charged climax.

Hint #29

Devise a secret code for sexual favours that can be used out in public.  Have fun teasing your partner with one at a dinner party, or if you’re feeling a little more daring, toss one into the conversation at a work function.  The secret message may be enough to make an early exit.

Make you secret code easy to remember.  Something like – “Bruce is thinking of taking up water skiing” is code for “you’re getting oral sex tonight”.  Or – “Shelia’s taken a real interest in her new hobby: gardening” is code for “Honey, will you do a sexy strip teast tonight?”

Hint #28

Showers.  Most people take at least one, and sometimes two, a day.  So why not do it together?  Jump in the shower and take turns lathering up each other’s hot spots.  Rub, tickle, fondle…if you are lucky enough to have a handheld massage shower head, use it on each other’s more sensitive bits.

Hint #27

Does your bedroom need a little fix me up when it comes to transforming it into a “shag den”?  Take a quick look around…if you have pictures of your kids, best friends, or parents, think about relocating them to the family room.  Do you have candles and matches easily accessible?  Do you have sexy music at your finger tips?  It doesn’t take much, but the small things will go a long way to boosting your libido.

Hint #26

Get yourselves alone in the house and prepare dinner in the buff.  This playful spin on the daily routine has top notch potential to get you really hot and sweaty.  Cook a sensual dinner together and then take turns feeding each other.

Hint #25

If you normally enjoy it mild, take it a little more intense; if romantic foreplay is your thing, skip it for a frantic quickie; if you’re normally as quiet as a mouse, scream out like a lion!  Mix things up a little, you’ll find it extremely liberating and surprisingly exhilarating.

Hint #24

Lay back and do nothing.  NOT trying to have an orgasm is sometimes the best way to actually have one.

Hint #22

Evaluate your mattress a little more closely tonight.  If it is really soft, you may be missing your sexy hot spots.  If that’s the case, move onto the floor for a power packed session of love making.  The firmer the surface, the higher the likelihood that his and her body parts are aligned exactly where they need to be.