More Praise for Eryn-Faye’s Teaching

Eryn-Faye re-ignited my interest in my marriage and taught me how to appreciate the differences between men and women.  She taught me how to infuse some fun into a boring existence and now I’m looking forward to being with my husband in the second half of our married life.

This class was life-changing.  Every married woman should take this class!  Sex has become fun again, and our communication and relationship as a couple has grown immensely!  Eryn-Faye was fabulous.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Eryn-Faye provided frank and honest discussion about a subject no one wanted to talk about but everyone had questions about.

Eryn-Faye is the answer to the question, “How do Christian women approach this subject – who do they go to for answers?”

It was a great class, very informative and lots of fun!  It was great.  Eryn-Faye is a very dynamic speaker and did an excellent job!

I can’t be more clear than this: this class has improved my marriage and showed that “sex” in marriage is such an important aspect and needed!   It was super helpful.

This course renewed my relationship with my husband.  It was amazing. Eryn-Faye is a very charismatic, fun lady.

I would highly recommend this course for all women.  It helps to better understand oneself, one’s spouse and the importance of a strong, healthy sex life for one’s marriage.  This is essential for everyone.  Eryn-Faye is great!

Eryn-Faye is a fabulous speaker and her class was well thought out and organized.  I think it’s a touchy subject in a religious environment and she really helped and dealt with the subject delicately, while still being thorough.

The non-threatening environment created by Eryn-Faye made for a relaxed, comfortable room and the information was so valuable and helpful.

Eryn-Faye’s comfort with and knowledge of the subject is unparallel.  She is radiant.

Eryn-Faye was very open, honest and informative.  It’s refreshing to be able to talk and think through sex and what it means without the “churchy” guilt.  Great class – I would do it again.

Eryn-Faye got women thinking, talking and improving their sexual relationship with their husbands.

If you get the chance, please make sure you take a class from Eryn-Faye because every married woman needs to!

Praise for Essential Elements of Sex™ Course

“I think the course was excellent and encompassed all aspects of my relationship – sex, gender differences, relationship and personal satisfaction.  Thanks to this course, I have a deeper understanding about myself, my husband and our relationship.  We’re back to where we were before we had kids, which is GREAT!  We’re putting “us” on the priority list again.”

“You have helped me tremendously! Thanks for all of the excellent information.”

This class was excellent!  The info is so good for any woman.  And yo made it very non-threatening and fun.  I didn’t ever want to skip class!”

“Eryn-Faye is very informative and helpful.  She helped in all areas of my life.  I will recommend you to my friends having marital problems since it stems from lack of communication and passion.  Thank you so much!”

“I think every married woman should take this course.  I started this course miserable in my marriage, and now I am very positive and hopeful.  My attitude and outlook have changed dramatically!  Eryn-Faye helped me learn how to infuse fun back into it!”

“My husband is telling everyone that this is the best course I’ve ever taken!  It really has improved our marriage.  We were doing great in almost every area of our marriage – except sex.  And now we are 9/10 there too (if not better!).”

“I think a course like this is fabulous for getting women (especially conservative ones) to open up, remove some inhibitions/restrictions and enjoy (feel free to enjoy) their sexual relationship with their husbands.  Though this course I have learned some things and become aware of how many couples struggle in this area, which makes me very thankful for what I have – and I am determined not to take it for granted.”

“I have definitely changed.  I was often ‘too tired’ and refused to try anything new.  My husband was so kind and patient as I struggled with my grief.  I had to make a decision to let go of my grief and embrace my husband and marriage.  I wish every woman could take this course.  I found it so helpful!”

“I thought this course was fabulous!  It made me think and consider why sex is important in my relationship with my husband.  I think it’s wonderful to know that we can always keep improving.”

Finding Answers to Difficult Questions

I just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate your feedback.  You are the only person I could find, that actually answered my questions. I went everywhere, Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil, Dr. Laura, any network I could find and all the popular counselors in between. I am so thankful. I was put at peace and myself and my husband had a beautiful talk about my issues.  He was loving and felt so relieved and free to be able to discuss these very emotional things so openly.  He too had so much to share and our meeting ended great.  I realize I will need to work on these things to be better for myself and my relationship.  I can’t thank you enough for reaching out to me with such a difficult topic.

– Concerned Wife

Reigniting Excitement

After our first child, my husband and my sex life seemed to slowly die. We weren’t unhappy with each other, just tired and busy and exhausted when we fell into bed. Passion was a wonderful but faded memory for us in our marriage.

Then I got introduced to Eryn-Faye. She brought perspective back to us. She taught us such simple and straight forward thinking. Suddenly we had passion back like never before.

Our 2 year old had been destined to be an only child – until now. I guess we should have realized that having sex again would up our chances for pregnancy, but honestly we were just enjoying each other too much to think about it!!

~ Soon to be Mom of Two

Bringing Expertise

The biggest thing for me was the fact that there was no one to talk to.

My husband I are in our 20’s and nobody told us that sex could be anything other than what you see in mainstream media. Physical difficulties are not supposed to happen when you are this young. I was devastated and yet couldn’t talk to anyone.

Then through an acquaintance, I meet Eryn-Faye. She is the person every woman needs to know. She is the expert that we all need, the one who can confidently tell us what is actually normal and what to expect from our bodies, our passions and our relationships.

Saving my marriage might be too strong, but she definitely helped me keep my sanity.

~ Newly Wed

Enhancing Experiences

My husband and I have really nothing but positive things to say about Eryn-Faye.

Ever since we communicated with her, we have found that we experience more pleasure during intercourse. It also adds an element of excitement to know that your husband is thoroughly enjoying himself.

Her expertise, non-nonsense coaching and support allows me to relax and know that I will experience intercourse without any discomfort. Going to Eryn-Faye and even just talking with her is well worth it!

~ New Mother

Deepening Intimacy

Since working with Eryn-Faye, our intimacy has deepened and increased. With her help and guidance even “quickies” have become orgasmic.

~ Mother of Young Children

Rediscovering Passion

There is not one particular thing that I can point at and say that’s the one, that’s the one that turned my sex life around.

It is such a complicated journey from the first years of marriage and the lust and laughter that surrounds it, to child birth and motherhood, to the loss of your libido then your self esteem and finally your self worth.

I have tried many things to recapture, recreate, reactivate and rejuvenate my sex life in my marriage and all of them had failed miserably before I met Eryn-Faye. She has helped me open my heart and my head to new possibilities.

Eryn Faye’s guidance and ability to listen and relate makes you feel that you are not alone. There is no lonelier place for a women then her side of the bed when the lights go out and she knows her husband is once again disappointed with her lack of wanting.

Think passion for this man, feel passion even if it is forced at first, and get excited, that’s where a Passion Coach came in for me. Get excited, motivated and act and if you follow through, your sex life will be renewed.

I can still see my husband face when I walked in the door after one meeting with Eryn-Faye. It was like we were 25 again!

~ Post-Menopausal Woman