Hint #29

Devise a secret code for sexual favours that can be used out in public.  Have fun teasing your partner with one at a dinner party, or if you’re feeling a little more daring, toss one into the conversation at a work function.  The secret message may be enough to make an early exit.

Make you secret code easy to remember.  Something like – “Bruce is thinking of taking up water skiing” is code for “you’re getting oral sex tonight”.  Or – “Shelia’s taken a real interest in her new hobby: gardening” is code for “Honey, will you do a sexy strip teast tonight?”

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  1. Roberta Taylor
    Roberta Taylor says:

    Ooh, we love secret codes. Another great side-effect is that they start to increase anticipation long before you may actually be free to touch or flirt openly, so by the time you are finally alone together you’re both really in the mood. (Also great with kids around- a good code is teen-proof, if you don’t giggle when using it!)

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