How do you show love to your partner?

How do you show love to your partner?

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  1. Tanis
    Tanis says:

    Sure, “giving undivided attention and spending alone time with them” might be the biggest way that I show my love for my partner. But I learned along time ago, never to underestimate the power of “every-day” things.
    Even though laundry and cooking are a never ending chore, in my home, it wasn’t until my husband said to me,”When I come home from a long day of work, and supper is ready and and my work clothes are clean, you have no idea, how much that means to me.”
    No matter what kind of day I’ve had, with kids, work, volunteering, or school, if I’ve accomplished those two tasks, our alone time starts off so much better. 😉

    • Eryn-Faye Frans
      Eryn-Faye Frans says:

      I would always assume that you do all of the above John…but I hope you picked the one that you identify as doing the MOST!!

      Thanks for stopping by and voting!

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