I Seem to Have Misplaced My Orgasm

I recently received this excellent question from a lady who was attending one of my Passion Salons. She asked:

My question is regards to orgasm. I love having sex with my husband and we have regular sex… but I orgasm maybe twice a year. I suppose it’s possible that my reactions are small or I am unaware with the signs. We have tried many toys to help, lots of oral sex but I am just not there.  Is this possible?  Could I be missing something?

Now while there are numerous ways to approach a situation in which a woman wants to enjoy orgasm more frequently (there are all sorts of psychological, physical and environmental reasons why orgasm might be difficult), there is one strategy that I would like to highlight for the purposes of this blog: LOOK FOR THE EXCEPTIONS.


When we look for exceptions, we realize that there are times when things do go the way we would like them to go, and we analyze the circumstances around these times. For example, he doesn’t always throw his underwear on the floor…occasionally, he will pick it up and put it in the laundry hamper. Or, she doesn’t always feel the need to have a deep heart to heart talk in the middle of a televised ball game.

The power for looking for exceptions is that when you identify the circumstances that produced positive results, you have a much higher chance of duplicating them and thereby getting what you want on a more consistent basis. Perhaps your husband puts up his dirty laundry on days when he is feeling successful. Perhaps your wife lets you watch the whole game uninterrupted (except to bring a beer) when she feels emotionally close to you already.

So, when I was responding to this lady’s question, I asked her, “What is different about the times you are able to orgasm? Are you away on vacation? Are you incredibly aroused? Have you had a drink of wine? Are the kids with the grandparents? Does he make love to you in a certain manner? Where is your mind in these times? Where are you (in water, in a bed, on the floor, etc.)? What position are you in? Did you just have a fight? Did you just have a heart-to-heart conversation? Does he smell a certain way? How much foreplay was there before you reached orgasm?  How long did it take you to reach orgasm?”

Pay attention when things go well. They didn’t just magically end up that way – something produced that effect. When you know what that “something” is, you can make it happen again.  And as my husband likes to say, “to quote G.I. Joe, ‘knowing is half the battle.'”

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