Keys to Better Sex Revealed

A new study analyses what makes a great sex life. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Communication, self-esteem and understanding each other’s emotions make for great sex
  • Men want to engage in activities which bring pleasure to women.
  • When men are in tune with their partner’s emotions, women are more open to exploration.

You can read the entire article here.

What makes your sex life great?

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  1. Tanis
    Tanis says:

    With my husband working out of town”great sex” ends up by taking some planning. Two years ago when he was away we discovered that although we were able to keep connected through SKYPE, something was missing. I ended up feeling like a “booty call” when he came home, and he felt like a “paycheck”. We had come very disconnected.

    Now with him away, we have less modes of communication- no SKYPE,internet, or cell phone. He is home more frequently , but for less time. We have kids, a home and things to do before he can go back, all the while his work phone is ringing. There are high demands for his attention, and mine, and but the end of the night we are exhausted- but we are determined not to fall back into that trap. So, while the kids are at school, the first morning he is at home, Its our time. We might go out and run errands, do some shopping or just sit back and enjoy a coffee together, and talk- about everyrthing. It gets us re-connected, and before I know it, we’re enjoying some serious Mommy- Daddy time.

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