More Praise for Eryn-Faye’s Teaching

Eryn-Faye re-ignited my interest in my marriage and taught me how to appreciate the differences between men and women.  She taught me how to infuse some fun into a boring existence and now I’m looking forward to being with my husband in the second half of our married life.

This class was life-changing.  Every married woman should take this class!  Sex has become fun again, and our communication and relationship as a couple has grown immensely!  Eryn-Faye was fabulous.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Eryn-Faye provided frank and honest discussion about a subject no one wanted to talk about but everyone had questions about.

Eryn-Faye is the answer to the question, “How do Christian women approach this subject – who do they go to for answers?”

It was a great class, very informative and lots of fun!  It was great.  Eryn-Faye is a very dynamic speaker and did an excellent job!

I can’t be more clear than this: this class has improved my marriage and showed that “sex” in marriage is such an important aspect and needed!   It was super helpful.

This course renewed my relationship with my husband.  It was amazing. Eryn-Faye is a very charismatic, fun lady.

I would highly recommend this course for all women.  It helps to better understand oneself, one’s spouse and the importance of a strong, healthy sex life for one’s marriage.  This is essential for everyone.  Eryn-Faye is great!

Eryn-Faye is a fabulous speaker and her class was well thought out and organized.  I think it’s a touchy subject in a religious environment and she really helped and dealt with the subject delicately, while still being thorough.

The non-threatening environment created by Eryn-Faye made for a relaxed, comfortable room and the information was so valuable and helpful.

Eryn-Faye’s comfort with and knowledge of the subject is unparallel.  She is radiant.

Eryn-Faye was very open, honest and informative.  It’s refreshing to be able to talk and think through sex and what it means without the “churchy” guilt.  Great class – I would do it again.

Eryn-Faye got women thinking, talking and improving their sexual relationship with their husbands.

If you get the chance, please make sure you take a class from Eryn-Faye because every married woman needs to!