Happy Camper Update (Pitbull Concert)

As I mentioned in a previous post, Eric bought me tickets to Pitbull just to make me happy. Last night we went to the concert. As we left the house Eric tweeted “Happy Camper Date is a go. #Ke$ha #Pitbull #facepalm” – showing exactly how much of a Happy Camper Date this was!

I am not going to lie – we felt a bit out of place. I can say with complete certainty that Eric was the only guy in the place wearing cowboy boots (of course that was at my request cause he is HOT when he wears his cowboy boots), and evidently I was wearing far too much clothing. I obviously missed the memo that as a female concert attendee I was supposed to wear shorts that were cut off before the bottom of the back pocket ended, squeeze a thin, golden piece of elastic around my head and pretend it was a headband and spray copious amounts of glitter on my highly visible chest.

When we got to our seats I was very relieved to find that we weren’t the oldest people there…until I realized that all the other old people were merely accompanying teenage daughters who were screaming for Ke$ha while their parents focused on their Smartphones and nodded knowingly to their peers when they made eye contact. A couple of them smiled at us like we were the smart ones to have gotten seats well away from our teenage offspring. (Full disclosure – I smiled back like it was true, so they didn’t think less of me…) Of course that façade was ripped away the moment Pitbull took the stage and I channeled everything I had learned in the last 3 years of hip-hop dance lessons into the 18”x18” square of floor space allotted to me in front of my seat. To be honest, I never took my eyes off the stage to see if the parents I had feigned solidarity with were staring at me like some kind of traitor. I just assumed they gave in and danced too.

Despite Ke$ha’s song proclaiming otherwise, the party didn’t start until Pitbull walked in. He was the consummate entertainer – never allowing the audience to get bored, disengage or sit down during the entire time he was on stage. He never stopped moving (that guy can dance!), and he had a killer smile that made frequent appearances. He genuinely seemed like he was having fun, and made it a point to thank his fans profusely throughout the performance.

As we left, Eric tweeted that he was actually glad he came. Part of me wants that to be because he enjoyed Pitbull as much as I did. Another part of me wants it to be because of my dancing. Either way is really fine with me though.

All in all, I can say that I am a bigger fan of Pitbull than ever before, and the Happy Camper Date was a hit. And I am not scared about what Eric will pick when it’s his turn to choose the Happy Camper Date.

No really.


I’m not.

Ok, maybe a little.