Praise for Essential Elements of Sex™ Course

“I think the course was excellent and encompassed all aspects of my relationship – sex, gender differences, relationship and personal satisfaction.  Thanks to this course, I have a deeper understanding about myself, my husband and our relationship.  We’re back to where we were before we had kids, which is GREAT!  We’re putting “us” on the priority list again.”

“You have helped me tremendously! Thanks for all of the excellent information.”

This class was excellent!  The info is so good for any woman.  And yo made it very non-threatening and fun.  I didn’t ever want to skip class!”

“Eryn-Faye is very informative and helpful.  She helped in all areas of my life.  I will recommend you to my friends having marital problems since it stems from lack of communication and passion.  Thank you so much!”

“I think every married woman should take this course.  I started this course miserable in my marriage, and now I am very positive and hopeful.  My attitude and outlook have changed dramatically!  Eryn-Faye helped me learn how to infuse fun back into it!”

“My husband is telling everyone that this is the best course I’ve ever taken!  It really has improved our marriage.  We were doing great in almost every area of our marriage – except sex.  And now we are 9/10 there too (if not better!).”

“I think a course like this is fabulous for getting women (especially conservative ones) to open up, remove some inhibitions/restrictions and enjoy (feel free to enjoy) their sexual relationship with their husbands.  Though this course I have learned some things and become aware of how many couples struggle in this area, which makes me very thankful for what I have – and I am determined not to take it for granted.”

“I have definitely changed.  I was often ‘too tired’ and refused to try anything new.  My husband was so kind and patient as I struggled with my grief.  I had to make a decision to let go of my grief and embrace my husband and marriage.  I wish every woman could take this course.  I found it so helpful!”

“I thought this course was fabulous!  It made me think and consider why sex is important in my relationship with my husband.  I think it’s wonderful to know that we can always keep improving.”