Author: Mary Roach

Description: This hilarious book is an entertaining read for anyone who has even an inkling to learn about the methods that scientists use to study the vast field of sexuality. Never before has science been so laugh-out-loud funny.

Favorite Chapter: Mind Over Vagina: Women are Complicated. In the wake of scientific breakthroughs with Viagra for men, hopes were high that the pharmaceutical industry could find a “little blue pill” for women too. This chapter not only sheds light on why their attempts have failed, but also has some good tips (such as “spectatoring” or “mindfulness”) for women who want to rise above the distractions to have a more fulfilling sexual experience.

Best Take-away: Use it or lose it! Testosterone levels (the hormone responsible for libido) are higher in women who have sex consistently than women who do not. Therefore, the more sex you have, the more you will want.

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