Author: Michele Weiner Davis

Description: Finally, a book which tackles the thorny issues and isolation that women feel when it is their husband who has a “headache”! In this book, Weiner Davis explodes the myth that women are always the Low Desire Spouse and compassionately answers the questions of these women. In true Weiner Davis fashion, the readers are given a wider understanding of the issue of low libido in men as well as specific steps they can take to implement change in their relationship.

Favorite Chapter:  Working It Out Together. Page after page in this chapter is packed with practical solutions that you can implement to see real change in your relationship. You will gain insight into the patterns of behavior that you have which might undermine your relationship goals as well as ways to get him to act differently.

Best Take-away: He is not necessarily having an affair. Weiner Davis goes into extensive reasons why he might not be interested in sex from biological (i.e.: low testosterone, sexual dysfunctions), to interpersonal (i.e.: relationship problems) to personal reasons (i.e.: depression, stress, grief).

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