Author: Ian Kerner, Ph.D.

Description: For every man who wants to be a hero in the bedroom but needs to learn how, Kerner outlines the benefits and techniques of cunnilingus. A natural philosopher (Kerner refers to literature and poetry as often as he does studies on the subject of sex), Kerner nevertheless deals with the subject of oral sex with such pragmatism that any man can learn to be an expert in this area.

Favorite Chapter: While reading the entire book is highly recommended, if you have to skip to one chapter, make it Chapter 47: Routines Beginner to Advanced. (And in case the concept of 47+ chapters scares you, don’t worry, they are very short chapters!) In this chapter, he gives two routines for beginners, two for intermediate as well as advanced routines. It is simple, easy to follow and sure to delight.

Best Take-away: The tongue is mightier than the sword. Meaning, the penis is not the way in which most women achieve orgasm. As such, oral sex should be considered as “core-play” rather than just foreplay.

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