Author: Dr. Daniel Amen

Description: If you have ever wondered why we do the things we do when we are in love, this is the book for you. From exploring the anatomical structure of the brain to the hormones that influence it to the resulting behaviours that we have, Amen’s
years of research and experience shed light on how relationships develop and evolve.

Favorite Chapter: I actually had two…decide which one will be best for you. For those who have an inner science geek: Chapter 3: The Chemistry of Love. What happens in the brain when we fall in love? Amen gives a very detailed explanation of the hormonal ups and downs that occur for the first 24 months of a relationship. Be prepared to digest words like, “nitric oxide”, “norepinephrine”, and “phenylethylamine” but to also walk away with a solid understanding on why love makes us do crazy things.

For everyone else: Chapter 10: Make it Last, Make it Unforgettable. In this chapter, Amen outlines 12 ways, which are easy to comprehend and implement, to “imprint” yourself upon your lover. Not only are these suggestions great for those who are beginning their relationship, but should be a reminder for those couples in long-term relationships to always take practical steps to nurture love.

Best Take-away: Ever wondered why women seem to multi-task better than men? Or why men seem more adept at reading maps than women? According to Dr. Amen,anatomical differences in the male and female brains, which are visibly noticeable when viewed in a fMRI machine, begin at conception and grow in the following years resulting in very different patterns of behaviour.

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