Author: Michele Weiner Davis

Description: Written by an expert in 11th hour marriages, this is my go-to book for men or women who are in the last stages of saving their marriages. Can one person tip the balance when the other person wants out? Absolutely. Full of hope and practical strategies (some of which seem completely counter-intuitive), Davis gives clear guidance for the marriage on the brink of divorce.

Favorite Chapter: It’s not a chapter, just a section in Chapter 6 (Step 5 – Experiment and Monitor Results), entitled, The Last Resort Technique (begins on page 124 in my edition). This is a strategy for the spouse who wants to keep the marriage together even as his/her spouse is walking out the door. Stop the chase, get a life and wait and watch are the guidelines that can save you from the fatality of your marriage. Note: these techniques do not repair the damage to the marriage, but put a freeze on activities that are accelerating the destruction.

Best Take-away: A change in your behaviour can start a domino effect that can bring your marriage back from the most awful of circumstances.

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