Author: Shmuley Boteach


Description: To say that Shmuley Boteach takes an unorthodox approach to the subject of sex is both true and patently false. This Rabbi brings a refreshingly new perspective into the lost art of eroticism and manages to do so through the lens of Orthodox Judaism. Couples of any faith will feel completely comfortable with his concepts of monogamy and marital purity but will still be challenged in their beliefs and suppositions about sex.

Favorite Chapter: This was a difficult choice for me, because they all work together to give the reader complete insight into the elements of eroticism. I finally settled on the chapter on Novelty because it gave so many specific tips on how a couple can reignite novelty in a relationship whether it is brand new or decades old.

Best Take-away: Women are more deeply sexual than men but living with centuries of bad sex has culminated in scores of women who would rather go shopping than have fun under the covers. A husband’s responsibility should be to actively and with intention to delve into the depths of her sensuality – both figuratively and literally.

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