Pulling children out of educational classes…

Encouraging students to go on “strike”…

Completely abandoning the entire public school system…

Parents are desperate for counsel, for direction, for basic information. Is your church prepared to be a core resource for these families in their time of need?

Few things have inspired as much pure, unadulterated fear in Christian families as the looming Ontario sexual education curriculum.

Where can parents fintalk about sex perplexedd God in this curriculum being foisted upon them? Should they be reacting to the unknown or proactively preparing their families for one of the most intimidating and controversial subjects they will face?

As Christians, we know that God created us for sexual intimacy – and He designed the highest and best scenario for it to take place within. And yet, we have allowed the secular world to take the lead in prescribing purpose and intent for sex.

The roll-out of the new health curriculum is not something to fear; it’s a chance for the church and parents to reestablish their rightful place as the primary instructors and guides for teaching our children God’s ideal for pleasure.

Eryn-Faye is the facilitator you’ve been looking for to help the parents and families in your church face down the giant causing so much fear in the church. Talking to your kids about sex is not the Goliath so many think it is. “Armed” with biblical understanding, basic tools and the language to “name and normalize” the issues, your church family can walk confidently through the coming challenges.

Having taught in churches of all denominations across North America, Eryn-Faye brings a wealth of information and a down-to-earth style that will have your parents engaged and prepared.

Contact her today, and make sure your church family is ready!

Download an informational PDF on the workshop: Christian Response to ON Sex Ed Curriculum

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