The Passion Salon

The Passion Salon is a hybrid option for people who do not want the intensity of personal coaching, and yet want more personal interaction than a speaking engagement can offer. Passion Salons are usually held in someone’s home with close friends in attendance. The maximum number of people at The Passion Salon is 30 so that all questions can be answered fully and completely.

What is a Passion Salon?

In 17th century France, a salon was the traditional place in which a gathering of intellectual, social, political, and cultural elites met under the roof of an inspiring hostess to refine their taste and increase their knowledge through conversation. At a Passion Salon, women delve into the specifics and details of the sexual issues that women face whether they are physiological, psychological or interpersonal.

How is it run?

Each member of the salon sends 1-2 questions directly to Eryn-Faye who then customizes a talk that incorporates answers to their questions. This enables women to ask very personal questions in confidentiality and still receive the benefits of group coaching in a friend’s home. Not only does this disseminate quality information on sexual issues, but it also promotes the spirit of openness between the women as they can continue to discuss these issues together.

What kind of questions can I ask?

No question is taboo at The Passion Salon. Any question that pertains to sex, intimacy or relationships is invited and encouraged. If you are wondering about something, there is a very good chance someone else is also. Ask without fear.

How long does it last?

Normally about 2 hours. Eryn-Faye’s talk lasts for about an hour with time for follow up questions afterwards.

Can I bring my children?

Because of the nature of the discussion, this is not a forum for younger ears. One aspect of The Passion Salon that women appreciate most is that it provides them with a planned night out – no responsibilities other than focused relationships and learning.

To book Eryn-Faye for this event, please contact us by email:

bookings @ erynfaye . com (remove the spaces)