Tyler Knott Gregson pic

Tyler Knott Gregson: Word Alchemist

Today I want to do something a bit out of the ordinary for me. I want to highlight someone whose work I have grown to appreciate. I have had guest bloggers on this site before and will have them again (the delightful Emily T. Wierenga is sharing her story in November), but I don’t actually know this person except by his posts on Twitter.

Allow me to explain why I think his work is important. In the introduction of my book, I wrote,

“There is a rawness to sexuality – it entails body parts and fluids and technique. There is also a softness – conversations and whispers and secrets between a husband and wife. One without the other creates imbalance. And yet, when the two come together – the joining of the science and art of sexual intimacy – it is the most powerful combination known to humankind.”

I can write and speak about the “rawness” of sexuality all day long without ever blushing – that is my home turf, and I am extremely comfortable there. However, when it comes to discussing the “softness,” I still have a lot to learn. Sometimes the words are hard to find. The world of poetry and romantic expressions eludes me unless I am intentional in seeking it out. And yet, I believe it is important.

Tyler Knott Gregson moves comfortably and fluidly in this world. He is a poet, a photographer, an artist and a word alchemist (seriously, how cool is word alchemist?!). His poetry always catches me a bit off-guard and makes me reflect – which is why I like it so much. Here is one of my favourites:

If you need a dose of romantic and moving poetry in your life, I highly recommend you follow this guy. Here is his Twitter feed.