What Does Coaching Mean?

I walk the road with people during seasons of their lives when they want deeper revelation about their relationships. Sometimes this entails giving my clients marriage education (about sex, communication, trust, etc.), sometimes I listen to their stories and point out perspectives they not have seen before, sometimes I help them set goals and cheer them on to success, and sometimes I just create a safe place for them to cry.

Although I am a person of deep faith, I believe that we learn the most when we surrender the idea that we can always get to our destination following an orderly and pre-prescribed path, and instead realize that life is messy and some of the biggest revelations come from the most unexpected places. When your relationship is uncertain and yet you want change, having an impartial person who can walk the journey with you lessens the loneliness, brings clarity in the dark places, gives hope and encouragement when they are difficult to find, and keeps you learning and growing in your relationship.